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Can I Use My Vaping Device On A Train In The UK?

Can I Use My Vaping Device On A Train In The UK?

It isn’t always clear where you can and cannot vape. We all know you can’t smoke on trains or public transport, but what about e-cigarettes? Don’t panic, this article will help answer the frequently asked questions about vaping on trains, stations and platforms and public transport in general.

Can I use my vaping device on a train in the UK?

The answer is almost always no. Although many train companies once allowed customers to vape on platforms, most no longer do. In 2015, all major network operators, including Network Rail and Virgin Trains, began to enforce a blanket ban on e-cigarettes on trains and station platforms.

Why have UK train companies banned vaping on trains?

Although e-cigarettes aren’t covered by the smoking legislation which bans the use of cigarettes in all enclosed public and work places, most providers have made the decision to prohibit vaping and echo the policy outlined by Northern Rail.

Their website states: “For the comfort of other passengers, we do not allow electronic cigarettes to be used at any of our stations or on any of our services.”

Can I vape on train platforms?

In most cases, no. Most service providers prohibit vaping on platforms as well as on-board their trains. In 2015, when Southern Rail banned vaping, they said: “From Sunday the 26th of July Electronic cigarette devices may not be used on our trains or at our stations.”

Which train companies have banned vaping?

If you’re in doubt, here’s a list of the train companies who have explicitly banned vaping on their trains and platforms*:

Southern Railway
London Midland
Gatwick Express
Great Northern 
Virgin Trains

*This is not an exhaustive list. Other providers not listed above may also explicitly prohibit the use of e-cigarettes.

Can I vape on a bus in the UK? 

Policies on vaping varies from company to company. Transport for London, for example, doesn’t allow the use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices on its buses or the London Underground. Others may do, so it’s always worth checking with your operator before you decide to vape on your local bus.

Is the blanket ban on vaping on trains likely to change?

Maybe. According to the BBC, a report by UK MPs in August 2018 suggested rules around e-cigarettes should be relaxed, and called for a debate on vaping in public spaces, which would include trains and buses.