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Can We Take Vapes On A Plane?

Can We Take Vapes On A Plane?​

The rules around planes and vaping are generally pretty consistent, on the whole using any kind of battery powered e-cigarette or vaping device is not allowed during boarding, flight time, or when disembarking. Although, there are consistent rules for using a device, the rules around taking an e-cig in your luggage are more relaxed.  

What Are The Rules About Vaping On Planes?

One of the things that both regular smokers and e cigarette users have in common is that they tend to miss being able to smoke or vape when they fly. While a short hop to Europe may not be too much of a strain, both medium and long haul flights can be challenging. Of course, smoking traditional cigarettes has been banned on airplanes for so long that many people don’t even realise you ever could smoke onboard, but how about vaping? Are those who use e-cigarettes automatically subject to the same rules and regulations as tobacco has been for so long, or can you take vapes on a plane?

Although most airlines have strict policies about using your vape device onboard a plane, most airlines do let you carry devices and e-liquids in your luggage.   As long as you follow standard security policies – less than 100ml of liquid in a zip lock bag – you can bring it in your hand luggage.

What’s The Problem With Vaping On Flights?

In most cases it seems that the official word on why vaping is banned is due to potential misunderstanding from non-vape aware passengers. In other words that someone may mistake vapour for smoke and subsequently feel angry or distressed. In fewer cases – but in many ways perhaps more importantly, the ban is perhaps primarily due to the laws surrounding vaping and e-cigs in the destination country. There are a few locations around the world where electronic cigarettes in any shape or form are 100% banned, such as Argentina, Brazil and Singapore. (In these cases even travelling with vape gear could get someone into trouble.)

While the vast majority of airlines impose and follow a strict policy of taking action against anyone found vaping on the plane, the rules around using an e-cig in the airport building, as well as how and where to pack your vape equipment can differ quite dramatically across the board, and rules are subject to changes and updates. As always, it’s safest to do your own research before making travel plans and getting into any kind of trouble.

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