WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.


General Inquiry

Vape is not suitable for:

– Persons with an overactive thyroid gland or experiencing phaeochromocytoma (a tumor of the adrenal gland that can affect blood pressure)

Please do not use if you are under 18 years old/during pregnancy/breastfeeding/allergic to alcohols/heart disease/ stomachache/duode nalulcers/liver or kidney problems/long-term throat disease/difficult breathing due to bronchitis/emphysema/asthma.

Stop using immediately if experience the following results. Please consult a healthcare professional if necessary:

– Feeling faint / Nausea / Dizziness / Headache / Coughing / Irritation of the mouth or throat / Stomach discomfort / Hiccups / Nasal congestion / Vomiting / Chest palpitation / Pain or an irregular heart rate.

Where you can bring vapes/e-cigarettes on a plane depends on which country you are taking the plane. In the U.S., vapes are allowed to be carried with us to airport and plane. Just carefully with the battery and e-liquid volume when carrying vapes with you.

For other countries’ regulations on carying vapes on a plane, please go to their official sites or the sites of the specific airline you are taking.

There are so many types of vapes out in the market.

Disposable vapes are the simplest vapes in construct and operation. They are easy to use, and can be threw away after use.

Vape pens/pod mods require vapers to do some learning, such as filling the pod, pressing buttons, or changing the prefilled vape pods. Vape pens and pod mods are great choices for vape beginners or vapers who want everything to be more convenient compared to mods.

Mods are the most complicated vapes, which produce larger smoke and denser flavor with the sub-ohm coils. Some of them can be DIYed by wiring your own coils, using your own cottons, and setting your preferred temperature. Mods allows wider free space for vapers to gain bigger clouds, warmer flavors, and more.

Used by adult smokers who prefer a vaping experience, e-cigarettes are battery powered electronic devices which hold a liquid that normally contains nicotine unless you buy our zero-nicotine strength. There is no combustion, so the user inhales the liquid’s vapour, rather than smoke. Although the nicotine is derived from tobacco, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco.

Wholesale Inquiry

Please contact us. Someone will get back to you and help you ASAP.

Here at Woomi we apply industry-leading product quality and consumer safety standards to all our devices and e-liquids. All Woomi products are tightly regulated, comply with UK and EU laws and have been notified to the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

We always advise to check with your airline before travelling. It is also important to check the countries’ laws and regulations regarding electronic cigarettes and vaping. Have a read of our blog post: Can I vape on a plane.

You can contact the Customer Care team via telephone on +86 13924652698 or via e-mail at info@woomivape.com. We aim to respond to e-mail queries within 24 hours.

Returns and Policies

Yes, Woomi offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on all starter kits and device kits purchased within 28 days. Please visit: Satisfaction page for more information

At Woomi, we believe that you should have confidence in your vaping experience whichever product you choose to purchase. As a valued customer, you can benefit from a standard 6 month warranty on our starter kits and device kits and variable warranty on accessories. Please visit our warranty page for more information, exclusions may apply.

All new devices and accessories come with a warranty against fault. This means that if your device or accessory stops working properly during the applicable warranty period, if all conditions are met, we can replace or repair it free of charge. For more information, please visit: Warranty website.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and adhere to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (the WEEE Regulations) in respect of all our Vuse products. If you purchase a Vuse e-cigarette from us, you are entitled to return to us any used e-cigarette and we will dispose of the device safely and ensure it does not end up in a landfill site. Please visit Disposal page for more information.

You can view the full terms and conditions by visiting Terms and conditions website.