WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.


Elegant and classic design

Smooth and fragrant flavor

Mesh Coli Heating

High efficiency oil guide.with higher durability.the mesh core is heated to ensure that every drop of oil is fully atomized.

Battery Security Assurance

500 mAh battery capcity.long use with 500mAh battery capacity.

Woomi 4500 Puff​

Flavor Never Disappoint

3.6V constant output ensures
a consistent vapingexperience
and taste from the beginning to the end.

Woomi 4500 Puff Product Design

The whole body sparkle like the stars.

Crystal PRO Max Vape


A Screen Tells It All

Directly see the exact juice and battery level through
the innovative built-in display design.

Flavor Never Disappoint​

Enjoy true-to-life flavour till the last puff thanks to WOOMI’s industry-leading technology.

The Woomi 8000 Puffs boasts a massive 18ml vape juice capacity. It uses a USB-C rechargeable battery to provide up to 8000 puffs per vape. Each Woomi vape flavor also has a sleek LED screen that tracks e-Liquid remaining in the device and battery power.

Woomi 8000 Puff

Flavor Never Disappoint

650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery
a consistent vapingexperience
and taste from the beginning to the end.

Woomi 8000 Puff Product Design

Our electronic cigarette adopts advanced heating technology, which does not produce harmful substances and allows you to enjoy pure smoke.