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Woomi LIBRA CDB Vape Pen

Woomi LIBRA CDB Vape Pen

What is CBD Vape Pen Oil Made From?

CBD vape pen oils used in disposable and refillable vape pens are designed to provide an excellent vaping experience while delivering CBD to the bloodstream.

To complete both functions well, the CBD needs to be mixed with several other ingredients, each of which plays a special role. Together, the different ingredients come together harmoniously to make CBD vape liquid.



This is the key ingredient and the heart of the CBD vape e-liquid. The CBD strengths are carefully calculated to make sure the concentration is just right.


Vape fluid

In order to vaporise and produce vapour clouds, the CBD is mixed with vape oil. The vape oil can be plain or flavoured. If you want your CBD e-liquid to have a flavour, then the vape oil has to be flavoured.

The Vape oil comprises Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. The two are mixed in different ratios to provide different effects depending on the preference of the user. Typically, vape liquids containing more vegetable glycerine produce more vapour clouds.

Some CBD e-liquids are made from broad-spectrum CBD. These e-liquids often have a richer flavour because of the addition of terpenes. However, it’s important to note that broad-spectrum CBD contains small amounts of THC.


What are the features of CBD Vape pens?

CBD vape pens are an alternative to other consumption methods like CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies and CBD capsules. They offer a practical way to get immediate effects within minutes after inhalation. This and many more give them various features that make them a better choice than other products.

These include:

  1. Portable And Convenient: This is the most portable and convenient vaping style on the market today. It’s great for anyone who wants amazing flavour and vapour in a compact package that you can carry anywhere with you.
  2. Compact And Lightweight: The reason pen-style vapes are so popular is that they’re so small and light! They can easily fit into your pocket, making them very convenient to carry around wherever you go.
  3. Easy To Operate: Most vape pens only have one button that turns it on and off or controls temperature presets.
  4. Long Battery Life: Since the battery capacity is large enough, its life can reach several days or even one week on a single charge.

What’s the best dose for CBD vape pens?

The best dose for CBD vape pens is one that meets your needs.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • If you’re a beginner, start with the lowest possible dose. You can always increase your dose later on if needed.
  • If you’re an experienced user, start with a higher dose and work your way up until you find relief.
  • Start low and go slow! You can always take more later on if needed.

Delivering CBD through inhalation is one of the most efficient methods available, as it allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream via the lungs. Inhaling the compound directly into your lungs allows it to take effect almost immediately, while other methods require time before they begin working. When you inhale CBD through a vaporizer pen or other device, you’ll feel its effects right away instead of waiting hours like with edibles or oral tinctures.

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