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5 Benefits Of Mixing Your Own E-liquid

Own E-liquid

Mixing Your Own E-liquid

Mixing your own e-liquid, do you know the benefits?

Vaping has allowed many people worldwide to break free from the chains of smoking. In addition to this, the value that vaping represents has also saved collective millions, meaning that many vapers have more disposable income than smokers.

E-liquid is generally the main cost involved with vaping, however more and more people are beginning to mix their own flavours, either as a hobby or to save money.

Below we will take a look at the benefits to mixing your own e-liquid:

Value For Money

This is one of the main reasons why people consider mixing their own e-liquid. Whilst a standard 10ml bottle costs around £4.99, you can bring this cost down to roughly 75p per 10ml when mixing your own, depending on what strength you wish to create.

Sometimes you will have ingredients left over, so it would be cost effective to purchase replacement flavour concentrates and diluents, rather than buying a whole new mixing kit.

If you are new to the world of DIY e-liquid, there will usually be a period which involves a lot of trial and error, however once mixing has been mastered, the value it represents is significant.

Create Any Flavour You Like

One of the best things about mixing your own is that you can create virtually any flavour you want, and the chances are if you can think it, you can create it, although some combinations may sound better in your head than they do when actually vaped.

Because you can mix multiple concentrates together, it becomes relatively easy to make some truly stand out flavours and find a new all day vape that you can make as little or as often as you like, providing an almost unlimited amount of flavour freedom.

Control The PG:VG Ratio

Some people may prefer their e-liquid to contain either max PG or VG. This preference can sometimes narrow down the available options of premixed liquids, as a vast majority will feature both PG and VG in some quantity.

By mixing your own e-liquid, you can decide what goes in to it, so if you prefer PG, you can simply mix a 100% PG mix and the same goes for VG by creating a VG only e-liquid.

By doing this, you will never miss out trying a new flavour due to it containing too much VG or PG and experience whatever you feel like, whilst paying a fraction of the cost to do so.

Larger bottles

Premixed e-liquids which contain nicotine can only be sold in 10ml bottles here in the UK. By mixing your own, you are able to use larger bottles to store the e-liquid and take out with you. This can be more convenient if you often go through up to 30ml per day, as one bottle can be taken with you as opposed to 3 x 10ml.


Once you get the hang of mixing your own e-liquid, it offers great convenience in the long term. One of the advantages is the ability to mix a considerable amount of liquid in one go, which means that you may only need to create a new batch every other month, saving you time and negating the need to visit a store or wait for premixed e-liquids to arrive.

Another rather convenient aspect to DIY e-liquid comes from leaving a newly crafted flavour alone for a few weeks. Why you ask? Because the longer it is left, the better the flavour will become. This is called ‘steeping’ and the flavour changes experienced during this steep time can be significant, resulting in a flavour which can taste far superior to when you first mixed it.

These are just some of the benefits offered by choosing to mix your own e-liquid, and you should never be put off from trying something new, even if it seems a little complicated to start with.

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