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5 Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners

5 Easy Vape Tricks for Beginners

Vape Tricks, Fun for New or Long Time Vapers!

If you’re new to e-cigs and looking to learn some easy vape tricks or a long-time vaper who wants to have more fun with their device, here are some vape tricks for beginners.

Before getting started it is important to have the right gear. Although you can still produce clouds of vapour with MTL kits, a sub ohm kit is best to produce bigger clouds. Plus, the battery will last much longer. Also pick the right e-liquid. It also has a high VG content which makes the vapour much thicker and better to perform tricks. To prevent yourself from taking in too much nicotine do not add a nic shot to the shortfill you are using to practice.

How to Do Vape Tricks for Beginners – Simple Steps!

This list features tricks that may seem hard but with a bit of practise will become second nature.

The Dragon

The Dragon trick involves blowing vapour out of the sides of your mouth while also exhaling out fo your nose to form 4 separate clouds. It creates a cool effect similar to a dragon’s breath. Once you have the mouth position nailed the hard part is learning to exhale out of you mouth and nose at the same time. Here is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Inhale taking it directly into the lungs to get as much vapour as possible, but don’t over do it.

Step 2: Shut the centre of your mouth keeping both sides slightly open. You will have to pull a funny face to do this.

Step 3: Once you have mastered this move you then need to combine it with breathing out of your nose. Try getting used to blowing vapour our of your nose first them combining the two.

The Waterfall

This a pretty easy on. All you will need is an empty bottle and your vape kit.

Step 1: Draw on your kit. You don’t need as much vapour but the more the better.

Step 2: Open your bottle and slowly blow the vapour inside. Make sure it doesn’t escape while doing so.

Step 3: Once the vapour has settled into the bottle, tip it onto a table like you are trying to pour it out. It will then start to leave the bottle slowly and give a waterfall effect.


Once you’ve done the Waterfall the next step up is the Tornado.

Step 1: Inhale a fair amount of vapour.

Step 2: Exhale slowly onto a flat surface avoiding any sudden movements that could blow it away.

Step 3: Then cup your hand around the vapour and quickly push it upward while flicky your wrist.

Blowing O’s

Blowing O’s is a difficult one at first but with a bit of practise can become a quick and easy trick to pull off.

Step 1: Draw vapour into your mouth and hold it there rather than inhaling into your lungs.

Step 2: It is difficult to put into words the next step but it involves using the muscles around your throat to push a small amount of air out. Another way of doing this is by flicking your cheek but this may start to hurt after a few tries.

Step 3: when doing this put your mouth in the shape of an O.

Liquid Mist

Another easy one and great for parties. All you will need is your e-cig and a cup.

Step 1: First inhale the vapour from your device.

Step 2: Slowly blow it into the cup. Make sure not to blow too heavily into the cup to allow the vapour to rest. The vapour will then sit in the cup similar to a liquid. It is a great trick if you want to enhance a cocktail.

There were some easy vape tricks for beginners you to try. If you are a new to vaping and are still getting used to making the switch from smoking check out our support page on what to expect. We also offer a guide to vape starter kits to ensure your experience is as easy as possible.

For any more info we have a friendly customers service team who are available using our live chat feature. This is located on the homepage in the bottom right corner.

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