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5 Tips for Vape Tank Maintenance

5 Tips for Vape Tank Maintenance

Keep your vape tank in top condition

E-cig tanks are pretty important, they hold your e-liquid, coil and produce vapour. Without them we would simply not be able to vape and it is crucial to keep your tank maintained regularly, to ensure that it is working correctly and is kept in tip-top condition.

Below are 5 helpful tips when it comes to maintaining your e-cig tank to keep the stress of malfunctions at bay!

1 – Clean Your Tank Regularly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are times that we may all have been guilty of neglecting our tanks a little by forgetting to give them a clean. With daily usage, dirt and debris will naturally begin to build up, not just on the glass, but the mouthpiece and airflow too.

If you clean your tank once per week, you can help to prevent these build-ups, which can result in jammed airflows, debris laden threading and dirty mouthpieces.

2 – Change Your Coil

Coils are the heating element that produce the vapour we exhale. With many different coil options available, each with different lifespans, it is important to regularly check the condition of your e-cig coils to make sure you aren’t caught short due to a burnout whilst out of the house.

You can usually tell when a coil is due to be changed, as you may experience muted flavour, a slight burning taste or a general lack of vapour production. Before taking your e-cig out with you, it is always worth opening up your tank to see how the wicking material looks, as if it has become darkened, it may require a replacement despite the flavour otherwise tasting as it should.

3 – Protect Your Tank

There is nothing worse than being out and having a good time, until you drop your e-cig and look on in horror as you discover the glass has broken.

There are ways you can help to minimise this type of tragedy, such as an e-cig lanyard, e-cig tank bands which fit around the glass or by making sure you buy some replacement glass for your tank. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and by taking steps to prevent it, you can avoid this kind of e-cigarette nightmare!

4 – Check The Seals

This can often be an overlooked aspect of tank maintenance. The seals which lock in the e-liquid and prevent leakage from either the glass or airflow, can degrade over time. Certain e-liquids can also cause seal degradation depending on the ingredients used, so it is always advisable to perform a seal check once a month on your tank, just to make sure that everything is ok.

You will find that many e-cigarette manufacturers often include spare seals with a tank or e-cig kit, which is handy when you do need to change them over.

Coils also have seals (usually located at the base) to prevent leakage occurring within the airflow, which can result in an entire tank-full of e-liquid being dispensed within your pocket! If you ever find that your tank is seeping liquid around the glass or from the airflow, then check the tank and coil seals are intact to reduce the chances of this happening.

5 – Use The Correct E-liquid

You’ve found an e-liquid you love, but the coils seem to burn out after a couple of days, what is the cause?

Because there are many different variations of e-cig coils, some e-liquids are better suited than others for your tank. An e-liquid with a higher VG ratio (which makes it thicker) can fail to absorb efficiently into the coil. It is always recommended that you check they type of e-liquid that your e-cig tank can accommodate before making a purchase.

Generally sub-ohm tanks can use higher VG e-liquid as the wicking channels are larger, allowing for easier absorption, whereas the lower powered tanks often have small wicking channels, which can cause issues if used with a more viscous e-liquid.

Following these five steps can help you make the most out of your e-cig tank, and avoid some of the pitfalls that are all too easy to get into.

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