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Are Reviews Harmful To The Vaping Industry?

Vaping Industry

Do e-cig reviews dictate the products you buy?

E-cig reviewers have been around since the dawn of the industry, with many people simply starting an online channel as a way to communicate their thoughts on the latest vaping devices.

As the industry has grown, so too have the once small-time reviewers into something greater, with some reviewing hundreds, if not thousands of e-cig devices over the years.

Despite the general positivity surrounding vape reviewers, could these ultimately prove to be causing harm to the vaping industry?

The Reviewers

Taking a look online, there is no shortage of people who have started a channel to air their views on which e-cig is the best to part your hard earned cash with. With most having a unique approach to reviews, there are some high profile reviewers who people not only tune in to hear about a product, but to enjoy some of the quirks that make these people so popular.

From wall to wall e-cigs in the background to colourful language, there are many reviewers who can claim thousands of subscribers to their channel, with most of these people listening to every word they say about a product and its nuances or perceived flaws.

While an honest opinion regarding a product is key, there are dangers that some products may not receive certain plaudits, as there can be large amounts of bias towards certain manufacturers that reviewers favour, and this is where the potential harm can appear.

Their Influence

Most vape reviewers have followers who will purchase an e-cigarette based upon their personal recommendation. This influence can in some cases make or break a product new to market, with the feedback given being distributed within forums, groups and other online media, the amount of influence some reviewers hold is substantial.

This influence continues through to public spaces, such as vaper expos and other exhibitions that attract a large crowd of vapers, eager to talk about the newest e-cigs and perhaps go on to purchase some whilst they are there.

Paid For Reviews

Some vape reviewers are ‘sponsored’ by certain manufacturers, which often means that they have been paid to do a review on an e-cigarette. This often results in an overly positive review of that manufacturer’s product, with any flaws or shortcomings being glossed over in an effort to sell it to their subscribers.

This type of review from high profile influencers within the vaping industry can have a negative impact on other competitor products, which may perform identically or perhaps even better than the unit featured in the paid for review.

It is clear that these reviews can be seen almost like an advert for the company in question, which can ultimately end up with people purchasing a product that is no better than its more affordable equivalent or worse, be sold a substandard e-cig due to a failure in explaining its potential issues.

The Potential Harm

Should there be any bias against a certain manufacturer, like a bad review simply based on who made the product, or because it may not be to their particular taste, it can impact those companies who are trying to make inroads with their devices within an already crowded marketplace.

A single negative review that gains traction and appears everywhere online with hundreds of thousands of views could result in a drastically reduced lifespan for a manufacturers products, despite the fact that there may be absolutely nothing wrong with the item in question.

Paid for reviews can, in certain instances push a product that is not necessarily the best quality, and may paint other e-cigarettes in an unfavourable light, as they will instead be given a more ‘normal’ review, warts and all.

The damage it can cause to some manufacturers, or even vape stores who brand their own e-cigarettes can be significant. Some vaping stores have closed over lack of business, and if they happen to stock a range of products that have been given a negative perception, or were simply considered to be ‘not as good’ then the potential impact can be great.

In Conclusion

Whilst the above has focused only on the negative aspect of e-cig reviews, there are many, many vape reviewers out there who maintain integrity by not allowing sponsored reviews, and in some cases purchase the product themselves for the purpose of review in order to look at that e-cig from a paying customer’s perspective.

There is undoubtedly some harm that an unfavourable review can cause to e-cig manufacturers and the respective stores who stock their products, and it is always worth bearing in mind that if you spot an e-cigarette you like, be sure to watch more than one review and fully research the product before making a purchase.

Ask other vapers in vaping groups and forums about what their thoughts are on it, particularly those who use the device, as more often than not they just might give you the honest feedback you were looking for.

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