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Clearing Up E-Cigarette Misconceptions Part 1

Clearing Up E-Cigarette Misconceptions Part 1

Clearing Up E-Cigarette Misconceptions

It’s hard to avoid the negative press that sometimes surrounds the world of e-cigarettes, and while we’re aware that there are myths on just about everything out there, e-cigarettes do get the rough end of the stick, which is more often than not unfounded.

This is where we are stepping in to dispel these myths and offer some clarity on the issue in the first of our two part guide to clearing up electronic cigarette misconceptions.

Misconception 1: E-cigarettes are bad for you, so you might as well keep smoking

Reality: Wrong. While nicotine is addictive, research has cited its effects on the body to be marginal. As we’re sure you’re aware, the issue with tobacco cigarettes is the inclusion of all the additives, chemicals, and the smoke itself. The nicotine on the other hand, not so much.

Misconception 2: E-cigarettes are soon to be illegal

Reality: While it may be prohibited in certain areas, such as bars and certain restaurants, there are certainly no plans to stop the use of e-cigarettes in the UK.

Misconception 3: E-cigarettes are hazardous because no one knows exactly what’s in them

Reality: This is certainly not the case when you shop with reputable companies. If you stray away from legitimate e-cigarette brands and sellers, the people who will openly disclose ingredients to you, then you’re stepping into the unknown and putting yourself at risk.

Misconception 4: Chemicals are in e-cigarettes

Reality: This depends on the brand you opt for, but as a general rule, no. Stick to brands and suppliers you can rely on and don’t be drawn into choosing the cheaper alternatives.

Misconception 5: E-cigarettes can cause cancer

Reality: Simply unfounded. Recent studies are coming to the fore that are working to dispel this misconception. E-Cigs contain no tobacco, which means there will be no tar left behind. Therefore, the fundamental carcinogenic components aren’t there to create the problem that conventional tobacco cigarette smoke does.

Misconception 6: E-cigarettes can explode in your face

Reality: Again, this goes back to buying proven, trusted brands from quality suppliers. Additionally, if you tinker with the e-liquid or replace the batteries with alternatives that aren’t specified for your model, then you’re risking harm. Use your e-cigarette as instructed to avoid any unnecessary danger.

Misconception 7: E-cigarettes are more expensive than tobacco cigarettes

Reality: This is all reliant on the brand you choose to use, however, in most cases e-cigarettes are by and large more efficient in every aspect, particularly when it comes to cost. 

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