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How To Drip Vape? Dripping Made Easy

How to drip vape?

Drip Vape

How to drip vape? Dripping made easy, learn how to master the art of dripping, and have fun while you do it!

Drip vaping started off small, but has grown to include a passionate group of vapers. This article explores what it means to drip vape, and how to make it as easy as possible to start doing this yourself.

What Is Dripping?

Dripping is an advanced form of vaping. Some purists hold dripping as the ultimate way to vape, as it can deliver some of the best flavour and vapour. What is dripping though? And how does it compare to your regular e-cig?

Regular Vape

Standard vape setups include a tank with a pre-made coil that is filled with e-liquid. The vaping experience is dictated by the power settings and the type of coil installed. Most vapers use this setup and enjoy it, with various coil resistance options to choose from.

Drip Vape

When you drip vape, e-liquid is dripped directly on to the coil and cotton wicking material. This direct approach is often combined with high wattage to instantly vapourise the e-liquid, providing an intense burst of flavour and vapour.

Put simply, all that is required to drip vape is to apply liquid directly, press the button and enjoy clouds of vapour and flavour. It is aimed at advanced vapers who are looking for the ultimate vape experience, and don’t mind tinkering with coils and cotton to achieve the ‘perfect’ vape.

Make no mistake, time and effort is needed to achieve your ultimate drip vape experience. Putting in the work is worth it however, and you will be endlessly rewarded once it has been mastered.

What Do I Need To Drip Vape?

There are some things that are required first before you can drip vape. Below I will detail a few important items needed to begin:


An RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is the main item you will need. This tank usually has a 510 connection for compatibility, and a shallow liquid ‘well’ inside for wicking.


Most drip vapers buy coil wire in order to build their own coils. Since we are making things easy for you, there is an option to buy pre-built coils to avoid building your own. The resistance you choose will ultimately dictate the intensity of vapour produced.


Cotton is a critical component to drip vape. It allows the coil to wick e-liquid and helps determine e-liquid flavour quality. Cotton can be purchased in packs, and provides good value compared to vaping with standard coils.

Dripping Mods

An e-cig suitable for drip vaping is essential. Ideal dripping mods usually output high wattage levels and have a standard 510 connection to ensure compatibility. These are available from many different manufacturers, so be sure to shop around to find the best one for you.

How To Drip Vape

Drip vaping is easy once you overcome the initial learning curve. Below are some pointers you may find useful in order to get started.

Coil Installation

Installing the coil correctly is important. RDA’s will have capacity for one or two coils depending on the model, so make sure you are aware of your RDA’s specs before installing a coil. Be sure to hand tighten the posts and cut off any excess wire as close to the post as possible.

Once the coil/s are installed, ‘pulse’ your e-cig (push the button to activate it) at high wattage and make sure the coils glow red evenly. Adjust the coils using a large pair of tweezers as needed until they heat up evenly. An evenly heated coil will glow red from the middle and extend outward to the whole coil.

Cotton Installation

Cut the cotton slightly longer than what you will need, as this will help with installation. Roll the cotton between your finger and thumb and thread it through the coil. Once complete, trim off the excess cotton (it should be an even length at either end) and ‘fluff’ it using the tweezers.

Remove any loose fluff and then tuck the cotton in neatly at both sides. It is important to make sure the top cap of the RDA will fit back on before you get to the e-liquid part!

E-liquid Dripping

E-liquid should be dripped directly on to the coil and cotton until evenly soaked. Do not overfill! If you do this the liquid will spit in your dripper, or in more extreme cases, leak out all over and create a mess. Steadily dripping liquid is the key to success here.



Drip Vaping

With the RDA set up ready, be sure to set the wattage level back down to suitable levels (assuming you left it at high wattage when pulsing the coil earlier).

When ready, simply vape on the tank as you would do with a regular e-cig. If everything went according to plan, you should notice an intense flavour and even more intense cloud production! Celebrate your success with a little dance (or not) and a pat on the back; you did it!

Remember, there is no tank to hold e-liquid with an RDA, so be sure to drip regularly (not too much!) to prevent the coil from burning. On average you should receive anywhere from 5-15 vapes in-between dripping.

And that’s it! With a little more practice you should become a master of drip vaping. Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge and enjoy advanced vaping at its most raw and impressive.

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