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How to Fix a Vape

How to Clean a Vape

Fix Vape

You’ll rarely run into issues with high quality vape pens like ours. But as with any electronic device, things can occasionally go wrong. The good news is that most of these problems are easily rectified, and with regular maintenance, you can avoid them occurring again in the future.

If you follow our advice and your Woomi vape device still isn’t working as it should, remember our customer care team are always here to help.

Common Vaping Issues

Even the highest quality vaping devices can malfunction from time to time. At Woomi, we work with scientist to develop products to our specification, and all our devices are evaluated by independent test laboratories. But there are still a few issues you might encounter along the way.

Leaky Vape

Have you noticed your e-liquid leaking from its pod? Chances are, something needs tightening. Check that the top and base of the device’s tank are connected properly, so that there are no gaps for the liquid to seep through. You’ll also want to check your coil is fitted properly – tight, but not overly so. Also inspect any seals on your device and replace these if they appear worn.

Burnt Taste

Unfortunately, an unpleasant burnt taste can happen for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Low e-liquid levels. When the coil doesn’t have enough liquid to vapourise, the heater will begin to burn the wick, giving off the nasty taste in the process. If this looks to be the cause, it’s time to replace your pod.  
  • Chain vaping. If you’re taking lots of puffs in quick succession, the wick will dry out and burn before it has time to soak up more e-liquid. Instead, try to take longer, slower puffs with around 15 to 20 seconds between them. That should give your wick plenty of time to replenish.  
  • Cold temperatures. cold temperatures can increase the thickness of your e-liquid. This makes it harder for it to flow into the atomizer of wick, which could result in burning if not enough liquid can be absorbed. For the best vape experience, you’ll want to store your products between 0 and 25°C. 

Open system users may also notice a burnt taste if they’ve not primed their coils properly or are vaping at a wattage that’s too high for your coil head. This can be remedied by proper coil prep, ensuring you’re applying 3 or 4 drops of e-liquid to the wick and setting it aside for 10 minutes. You should also check the recommended power range for any devices with a variable wattage and avoid pushing your vape tank beyond these limits.  

If the problem persists, head to our burnt vape taste guide for some more advice.

Battery or Charging Issues

E-cigarette not working? It could be the battery that’s to blame. If everything else seems okay upon inspection and you’ve tried charging, it may simply be the case that your battery is past its best. Batteries in all electronic devices will deteriorate after repeated charge/discharge cycles, but with the right care, you should expect your Woomi vape to work at full capacity for a minimum of 12 months.


We’re often asked, ‘are vapes supposed to get hot?’. Your device does include heated elements, so naturally, you might notice it feeling warm from time to time. But if the temperature of your vape seems unusually high or excessive, it could be the case that it’s overheating.  

The coil in your device needs to get hot to convert your e-liquid into a vapour. If you’re taking lots of puffs, the coil won’t have any time to cool down, and eventually you’ll feel the heat spread to the other, outer parts of the device. If that happens, just rest your vape for 10 minutes or so, giving it time to cool off. 

There can be other causes of an overheating vape. Gunk around your coil could be stopping it from absorbing e-liquid effectively, limiting the vapourising process that helps cool it. In this case, you’ll be best off replacing the coil altogether. You’ll also want to check you’re using the device within its recommended wattage levels.  

Clogged E-liquid Cartridges

Wondering how to fix a vape pen cartridge? Clogging is one of the most common problems vapers encounter, with bits of dust, debris and hardened liquid building up to stop your device working as it ought to. Regular cleaning (at least once a week) is key to stopping clogging in the first place, while you should also avoid leaving your vape in damp spots which could cause moisture to build up in the device. Ensuring its stored in temperatures between 0 – 25°C and out of direct sunlight will also help stop the e-liquid clogging.  


The best way to manage problems with your vape is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Proper vape pen maintenance should help you avoid leaks, clogs, and odd tastes altogether. We’ve plenty of helpful tips if you’re wondering how to clean your vape

Woomi Customer Care

If your vape isn’t working as it should, we always recommend checking out our FAQ’s section. If you find you still need help, the Woomi customer care team is always here to help. They can troubleshoot all kinds of common problems to ensure you enjoy the very best vaping experience.

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