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How To Get Rid Of The Bad Taste In Your Vape

Get Rid Of The Bad Taste In Your Vape

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What can cause a bad taste when vaping and how to avoid it.

Getting a bad taste in your vape is never a good thing. In fact, for most it is the worst thing and if you are a new vaper who experiences it, it can put you off vaping, which we definitely want to avoid.

When we say bad taste, we are referring to a burnt taste.

Now there are two different types of burnt taste. A dry hit or a persistent burning taste. A dry hit is a one off that happens, its when the wicking material inside your coil is dry and there is no e-liquid to vapourise, so what you are tasting is wicking material. If you catch this early enough, it will just be a one off.

A persistent burning taste means that no matter what you do, this taste won’t go. So how can we combat this and get rid of a bad taste in your vape? Let’s take a look.

How To Stop Your Vape Coil Tasting Burnt

Prime Your Vape Coil

Before you vape a new coil, you have to make sure it’s primed first. Vape coils are made up of a coil of wire, with cotton wicking material pushed through or wrapped around the coil.

When these arrive new, the wicking material and coil are completely dry. If you put this into your tank, fill the tank with e-liquid and vape it straight away, the wicking material hasn’t had time to properly soak up any e-liquid, this can leave dry spots that get burnt by the coil. Once this has happened, it will always taste burnt.

We stop this happening by priming our vape coils with e-liquid first. Before you fit your new coil, put a drop of e-liquid on each of the e-liquid inlet holes and one down the middle. Then pop it in your tank as normal and fill it with e-liquid. Once the tank is filled and sealed, leave it to stand for 3-5 minutes before you vape it.

Now your coil is primed.

Chain Vaping

Everyone has a different way of vaping. Some people vape as they used to smoke, others in the car or after eating. If you vape quite a lot, one puff after the other, this can cause dry hits.

As explained above, the wicking material has to have e-liquid in it. If you chain vape, you might not be leaving enough time between vapes to let the wicking material soak up enough e-liquid, especially if you have a sub-ohm device. This can cause dry hits, which can be a one off. But if it happens persistently you will burn your coil and it will taste bad until you replace it.

Power Too High

If you have a vape kit with adjustable power, using a setting that is too high for your coil resistance can have a massive impact on the life of your vape coil and how it tastes.

If you have a coil with a resistance above 1.0ohm, then this needs a much lower power to work well. A sub-ohm coil however needs more power to work properly. when you look on your vape coil, its ideal wattage range is usually printed on it, go for the bottom end of this range first and see how it vapes.

using a power that is much too high will just instantly burn your coil out and you will need to fit a new one. If it’s too high, but still vapes with the occasional dry hit, it might still work, but will significantly shorten the life you get out of your coils, they will need replacing much more often.

E-Liquid Running Out

Last but by no means least, keep you tank topped up. This along with priming, is the number one cause of dry hits and a burnt taste. It’s such an easy fix.

It’s a simple mistake to make, you forget to look at how much e-liquid is remining in your tank. This is even more important if you have a sub-ohm coil in a high-powered kit, as your juice will run out quicker.

Remember we have a limit on tank size in the UK, 2ml is the most a vape tank can hold. This doesn’t go far, so keep checking your e-liquid level and make sure it is topped up.

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