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How to keep your e-cig in tip-top condition

How to keep your e-cig in tip-top condition

Clean Your Vape

How to keep your e-cig in tip-top condition?

Keeping your vape clean is an essential part of vaping.

In this blog i’m going to take you through the best way to spring clean your vape collection, so check out the following list of hints and tips below to keep your trusty e-cig in tip-top condition!

Cleaning Your Vape Kit

It goes without saying that an e-cig can collect dirt and debris through daily usage, and it’s important that you keep on top of this as often as you can.

Sometimes a full ‘service’ is required to make sure everything is in good working order. To do this I have broken it down into 3 simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1

Firstly you will need to dismantle your vape kit so that you have the tank and mod separately from one another.

Get some clean, dry tissue (kitchen roll is fine) and gently wipe down the connection on the bottom of your tank and on top of your battery. Debris can gather here and this will stop the connection being interrupted and prevent the threads from premature wear.

Step 2

For this part, it would be advised that no vape liquid is present in your tank!

Dismantle the vape tank and set your coil aside somewhere dry. Run some warm water and gently clean out the entire tank. You might be surprised at how much gunk can build up, especially if you don’t clean the tank in-between coil changes.

It is important to keep the mouthpiece extra clean too, as this is being put inside your mouth it would be best not to let this become dirty in any way.

Once your tank has been rinsed, simply leave it out to air dry for a little while before reassembling.

Step 3

This only applies to vape mods that have removable batteries.

Just as dust and debris can build up on the tank and connections, the same is true for e-cig mods with removable batteries. It’s important to keep all your battery connections clean, so using some dry clean tissue, open the battery door and remove the batteries, then simply wipe down the connections on the door and near the battery slots.

This will keep your e-cig working consistently, and is good practice to help prevent issues.

Now your vape kit has been deep cleaned, you can finally get round to trying that new e-liquid you bought!

Replace Your Coil

Do you feel like your e-cig doesn’t taste very good or gives a burnt taste with little vapour? You should be changing your coil more often.

Depending on usage, your coils can last anywhere between 1-3 weeks, so its a good idea to keep some spares around.

Sort Out That Vape Liquid Horde

This can happen without even realising. We all have that little part of the house where the ‘vape stuff’ goes, sometimes never to be seen again in months.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, will you ever vape this flavour again? Also, you should check the expiry dates and responsibly dispose of any that are no longer viable.

Vape Storage Tips

You’ve cleaned up your vape kit, sorted through your e-liquids, so now is a great time to organise everything.

Storing your e-cig isn’t always needed, after all we tend to keep it close by at all times. If you aren’t planning on using your kit for a while though, you should always store away from direct sunlight, keep it upright and out of contact with any metal objects.

Vape liquid storage is easy; just keep it out of sunlight and in a cool area such as a cupboard for any long term storage.

So there you have it! The top tips for a simple yet effective vape spring clean!

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