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How to Save Money With Vaping

How to Save Money With Vaping

Save Money With Vaping

Tips to save money when vaping: want to get the best value when vaping. Here are some easy ways to help you save money.

Pro tips on how to save money with vaping and get the most out of your vape for less.

We already know that switching from smoking to vaping can save you thousands of pounds a year—but for ex-smokers who’ve already made the switch, there are still more ways to save money with vaping.

However, there is still a cost to using e-cigs. From kit maintenance to buying e-liquid and coils, it can add up. Although, you can find ways to save money when vaping by following these helpful tips.

Read on for tips on how to save money with vaping and get more out of your vape for less!

#1: Stop Using Disposables

Disposables have been a popular choice for smokers trying to quit over the past year. This is down to the easy to use layout and cheap up front cost. However, in the long run they are the most expensive way to vape. If you’re still on disposables but feel comfortable moving to something more advanced then try a starter kit. These are still easy to use but require e-liquid and spare coils/pods. This may seem like more of an investment than disposables but they last much longer and are and easy switch to help you save money when vaping.

Disposable vapes are a lovely convenience, and they’ve never been more popular.

These devices are ultra-portable and require absolutely zero maintenance, as they’re designed to be vaped straight out of the box and disposed of once they’re empty. Disposable vapes are a superb option for current smokers looking to give vaping a try without having to purchase a whole setup, and they’re also a great option for on-the-go use when you don’t want to lug around or fiddle with your everyday kit while travelling.

In theory, disposables are awesome.

Say that a smoker finally gives up with the help of a disposable. Excellent! Now, what next? Do you continue using disposables? They’re cheaper than cigarettes, right?

If you’re looking to save money with vaping (and if you’re reading this, that means you are), then you should try to reserve disposables for special occasions. The cost of using them as an everyday option will rack up over time, to the point that smoking might not seem that much more expensive anymore.

#2: Get Yourself a Decent Vape Kit

The ultimate way to save money with vaping is to purchase a good refillable device that you can maintain over time. This might mean investing a little more up front (if that’s what you decide), but if kept in good condition, these devices can last you quite a while.

Of course, refillable kits require more maintenance than disposables do. But with so many vape kits on the market, you’re sure to find something that fits both your needs and your budget.

One important thing to consider when buying a new vape kit for cost-saving reasons is the price of replacement parts, like coils and pods. If you’re buying a new kit, be sure to look into the price for any replacement parts before buying.

Pod Kits & Basic Starter Kits

Vapers who prefer low-maintenance, buttonless kits without any fancy menu screens or settings can find pod kits and basic starter vape kits to meet their needs—and the good news is that many of these kits are very inexpensive.

The fact that they’re refillable will automatically end up saving you money. With these devices, you’ll only have to purchase replacement coils/pods (dependent on the device model) and E-Liquids, which is still cheaper than the cost of disposables.

The main downside to these simple kits as a money-saving option is that most contain an internal battery—one which cannot be changed or replaced—and those batteries will degrade over a period of time, as all batteries do. They can last anywhere from six months to a year or two before they begin showing signs of depletion (like not holding a charge or feeling hot to the touch during use).

These basic types of kits aren’t designed to be a permanent fixture, as most vapers will upgrade to a more complex device before the battery’s life cycle ends. They’re not the best way to save money with vaping, per se, but they’re a good entryway for cautious newbies who’ve only ever used disposables.

Advanced Vape Kits & Mods

Advanced vape kits and vape mods which take external batteries are the most sustainable long-term option for those looking to save money with vaping, though they will cost slightly more up front. The benefits, however, are numerous, and there are very few cons to these kits (most come down to personal preference) aside from the upfront cost.

The external battery feature will allow you to continue using your device for as long as their compatible lithium-ion batteries are produced (which could be our whole lifetime), or until the device itself breaks. For external batteries, you can purchase external battery charging docks which can revive used vape batteries in a jiffy.

Another upside is that most mods are compatible with virtually all standard tanks, meaning that vapers can replace both their tank and their batteries whenever the need arises. If the tank you’re using is old or broken, if you switch vaping styles (from MTL to DTL, for instance), if the coils are discontinued, or if you don’t fancy the way your tank functions, you can simply replace the tank instead of the whole device. This is a huge upside.

Tanks are also a great cost-effective feature because instead of having to replace an entire pod (as you would with some pod kits), you only need to replace the coils, which tend to last longer. Where a replacement pod might only last you a few days before needing to be changed, a replacement coil can last up to two weeks with the right care.

The wide compatibility of vape mods ensures that your device can adapt with the times. Think of these kits as more of a skeleton, a vessel for long-term use: the parts that “go bad” or degrade over time (the batteries and the tank) can be replaced.

#3: Salvage Your Old Mod

You may have heard that buying a brand new Tesla is worse for the planet than driving a used car. The same can be said for vape mods—and it’s not just the planet that’ll benefit from recycling. Your bank account will, too.

As mentioned above, vape mods allow vapers to interchange parts at will, and they have the brilliant ability to be revived with very little effort. If you’ve got an old mod sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust, you can revive it—and make it just as exciting as buying a new kit—simply by replacing the attached tank and the external battery (or batteries).

The cost of reviving an old mod, even with the purchase of one of the more expensive tank models, will absolutely be less than the cost of a brand new device. Salvaging your old mod is great for saving money and for the planet (that new Tesla might be shiny, but don’t fool yourself into believing you’re doing it for the greater good when there are so many used cars without loving homes).

#4: Get a Second-Hand Mod

If you don’t have an old mod just lying around, another option is to purchase a second-hand mod, or see if anyone you know has an old one that they’re not using.

My first ever mod was bought second-hand from a vaper on Reddit, back when mods were ridiculously expensive to buy new. It was already two years old when I got it, and I used it for three more years after that (I left it behind when I moved to the UK, though it’s still fully functional).

If you know anyone who has an old vape mod, or if you find someone selling one used, chances are you’d be able to revive that bad boy with just a little bit of TLC and some new hardware.

Second-hand mods are an excellent cost-saving option for vapers who want a long-term solution for less but don’t want to waste time on a starter kit.

#5: Invest in Some Value E-Liquids

Vape juice doesn’t have to cost a lot—and the “cheap” stuff isn’t any better or worse than the premium juices on the market. In fact, the cheapest E-Liquid brands in the UK are some of the most rigorously tested for quality and safety. We talk about this in another article: Top 3 Best Cheap E-Liquid Brands in the UK.

Choosing cheap E-Liquids over premium ranges can save you a few pounds a bottle, which will significantly add up over time. Instead of paying roughly £28 per week (for seven 10ml bottles priced at £3.99 each), you could pay £7 for the same amount of E-Liquid.

This one is a no-brainer. Cheaper juice = cheaper vaping. It’s as simple as that.

The Bottom Line: Save Money With Vaping

Vaping is already a much cheaper habit than smoking is—by a long shot—but ditching the disposables and shifting to a refillable vape kit or mod will help you get the most bang for your buck without compromising on the vape experience.

If you’re a clever vaper who doesn’t mind a little extra maintenance or upkeep, you can easily save money with vaping by making a few simple changes to the way you normally vape.

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