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How To Stop A Vape From Leaking

How To Stop A Vape From Leaking

To Stop A Vape From Leaking

Here are some tips to keep your vape leak free!

Want to find out how to prevent your vape from leaking?

In this blog we will go through the reasons that may be causing your vape to leak. We will then go on to provide some helpful tips to avoid this in the future.

Why Is Your Vape Leaking?

Here are some of the potential reasons why your vape kit is leaking. It could be one or more of these reasons but identifying the cause is the first step in preventing your vape from leaking in the future.

Poor Assembly

When assembling the tank make sure every component is securely in place. Anything that isn’t will leave gaps where vape juice can leak. Also make sure everything lines up correctly such as the coil. Do not over-tighten the coil as this can damage the O-rings which are crucial in preventing leakage.

Puffing Too Aggressively

Combustible cigarettes and e-cigs react differently when inhaled harder. A regular cigarette will produce more smoke when inhaled more aggressively, whereas a vape kit won’t. When puffing sharply on an e-cigarette it can draw too much liquid through the coil than what can be vapourised.

Altitude Changes

Before boarding a flight make sure you empty your tank. When the cabin pressure changes any e-liquid in your e-cigarette will want to escape. This will force the device to leak and is the last thing you’ll want while traveling.

Improper Filling

When filling the tank, ensure you hold it at a slight angle to prevent air bubbles. These can create pressure in the tank which will force too much vape liquid through the coil. Overfilling the tank can also do this so remember to leave room.

Broken Coil or Tank

Small cracks may not be easy to sot but could be the reason your kit is leaking. Thoroughly inspect the tank to make sure it isn’t damaged. If it is broken either replace the glass for the tank, or for tanks that don’t allow this just swap it out for a new one.

The coil may also be the cause of any leakage. The O-rings that sit on both the base and head of the coil are designed to securely hold the coil in place and seal the liquid within the tank. If these O-rings are missing or have moved out of place it will not offer the same secure seal. Fix this by either fitting new O-rings, move them back in place or replace the coil completely.

How To Fix A Leaking Vape

Change the Coil

Coils do not last forever and need to be changed regularly. When a coil is on its last legs it struggles to properly wick the e-liquid. This results it leaking e-liquid. Avoid this by replacing the coil when it is past its lifetime.

Use a Higher Amount of VG

Vape juice with a higher PG content is much thinner making it much more likely to leak. Switching to an e-liquid with a high VG content will reduce this as ticker vape juice is harder to absorb so it is less likely to flood the coil.

However, make sure the e-liquid is still compatible with the coils in use as a high resistance coil will struggle to absorb high VG vape juice and will lead to dry hits and eventually burning out the coil. It is all about finding the right balance to prevent leakage and avoid dry hits.

Keep the Tank Upright

E-cigs are best left stood up when not in use. If you leave your vape kit on its side or loose in a bag the e-liquid may seep through the coil. In an upright position the coil should only absorb the right amount of vape liquid.

How to Prevent Your Vape From Leaking

Vape Slower

As previously mentioned, sharply inhaling into an e-cig will pull too much vape juice through the coil. Inhaling slower will allow the vapourised e-liquid to naturally flow without it being forced through the coil.

Make Sure You’re Filling the Tank Properly

Hold the device at a slight angle when filling to prevent air pockets and do not fill all the way to the top.

Regular Maintenance

Make sure each component of the tanks is not damaged, even if there is a slight crack in the tank. Also replace the coil when it has run out of life.

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