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How To Stop Your Vape Coils Burning

How To Stop Your Coils Burning

Vape Coils Burning

When starting out with a vape kit it can be confusing getting it set up. One of the most common mistakes new vapers make is accidently burning the coil. It is important to note that over time the coil will eventually start to burn. This is the time to swap it for a fresh one.

However, this blog aims to offer some tips on how to avoid your coils burning prematurely.

Here are 5 tips to prevent your coils burning.

Prime the Coil

Firstly it is important to prime the coil correctly. This should be done before the device is turned on to avoid accidentally firing the coil.

On the side of the coil will be small holes covered with cotton. Add drops of e-liquid to each until the material looks saturated with liquid. Then fit the coil into the tank/pod before filling with liquid. Once full, allow 5 – 10 minutes for the coil to fully prime.

Firing the device too early will cause it to burn. This is because the cotton wont be fully saturated with e-liquid. Take a few inhales into the mouthpiece before activating as this will help to pull through the liquid.

Don’t Inhale Too Hard

Inhaling an e-cig is not like smoking. The harder you inhale on a cigarette the more smoke it will produce. Whereas, when vaping the cloud size is controlled by the atomiser and will not increase the harder you inhale.

The issue this will cause is that it will draw too much liquid out of the coil. If the coil can’t absorb more liquid before the next draw this will also lead to a dry hit. Too many dry hits will shorten the life of the coil. However, if you don’t inhale enough then it wont draw any vapour out.

The type of kit and the style of vaping will determine how hard to draw on it. MTL vapers take smaller draws whereas DL vapers inhale deeply for large clouds. Trying to inhale large clouds out of a pen style kit for mouth-to-lung vaping will most likely result in the coils burning.

Make Sure The Settings Are Right

It is important to know what power setting the coil you are using should be set at. Most coils have a wattage visible on the side. Do not go over this as it will cause it to burn. Also make sure not to go under the range either as it will struggle to heat up the liquid. Luckily most advanced kits now have a smart feature. This auto detects the resistance of the coil and sets the power to match it.

However, almost every new vaper will start will a smaller pen style device which doesn’t have this feature. So it is important to have an understanding of this. coils with a high resistance are designed for MTL vaping and should be used at lower power settings. Whereas, low resistance coils are best for DL vaping and can be used at a higher wattage.

Pick The Right E-liquid

The type of e-liquid is also important. The PG/VG ratio differs across liquids to provide different experiences for sub ohm and MTL vapers. Understanding what is VG and PG will help to stop your coil from burning. E-liquid with a high VG content is thicker and can only be absorbed by low resistance coils. This is because it provides a larger cloud and needs high power coils to create it. Doing this with a liquid that has a higher PG content will be too harsh and wont provide as much vapour.

High VG e-liquid is great for cloud chasers. However, when used with high resistance coils for MTL vaping it will cause the coil to burn. This is because these type of coils has small wicking holes that can only absorb thinner liquid with less VG. This is because mouth-to-lung vapers require less vapour but more flavour. When using a thicker e-liquid the coil will be unable to wick. As a result it will burn as the coil will be dry.

Keep The Tank Topped Up

The last tip is to keep the tank topped up. This seems pretty obvious but is surprisingly easy to forget. Even if you have some liquid left in the tank it may not be getting absorbed by the coil. It is best to make sure it is at least full to wear the wicking holes are submerged.

Keeping the tank full of e-liquid will make sure the coil stays saturated. This will avoid any dry hits and prevent your coils burning too early in the future.

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