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How To Stop Your Vape From Spitting

How To Stop Your Vape From Spitting


Stop your vape spitting in its tracks with our handy guide!

How to prevent your vape from spitting

It is never nice when you’re vaping and your e-cigarette starts to spit e-liquid into your mouth. While this isn’t dangerous, the extra nicotine could make you feel dizzy, and leaving the issue unresolved can damage the tank. Here are a couple of ways to prevent your vape from spitting before it happens.

High PG liquid is much thinner than e-liquid with a higher VG ratio. As a result, the coil will soak up e-liquid quicker, take on too much liquid and cause spitting. Using an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio will take longer to soak making it less likely to spit.

Over-priming the coil can also result in your e-cigarette spitting. The purpose of priming the coil is to help saturate a new coil when first fitted. A couple of drops of e-liquid directly into the centre of the coil will make the process much quicker while preventing any chance of dry burning the coil from trying to vape too early.

If too much e-liquid is used the coil will be unable to hold it all resulting in the device spitting. To avoid this slowly fill the coil while keeping an eye on the wicking material. When the cotton begins to darken it’s ready to go.

What if my e-cigarette is already spitting?

Don’t worry if your vape is already spitting, this can still be resolved. Probably the simplest way to remove any excess e-liquid from your e-cig is to flick it out.

The best method is to do quick and sharp downward flicks to expel excess vape liquid out of the mouthpiece. It’s a good idea to do this over a sink to prevent the process from getting too messy.

It can also help to press the button on your device without inhaling while flicking the device. There may be a sudden pop but once this has stopped the device should be ready to vape.

If your coil is holding too much e-liquid you will notice some residue sitting down the centre of the coil. The easiest way to clear this is to take a small piece of kitchen roll or tissue, put it down the mouthpiece and soak up the excess e-liquid.

Vapers who prefer to take long/heavy inhales on their e-cig can pull more liquid into the coil than necessary. A quick solution would be to take smaller inhales and reduce the airflow, although the ideal solution would be to switch to a direct to lung coil that can handle bigger breaths.

It is important to make sure that you are vaping at the correct wattage. If the device is fired at a lower wattage than what the coil is designed for it will struggle to vaporise the e-liquid. To find out what the ideal wattage range is for the coil you’re using check the bottom or side of the coil.

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