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Is Cloud Chasing Necessary?

Is Cloud Chasing Necessary

Do we really need large those clouds of vapour?

Over the years vaping has evolved to create many different subsets.

One of these includes vapers who love to exhale large clouds of vapour, however is cloud chasing really necessary, and does it help portray the right image for the wider vaping community?

What Is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is generally the result of using a high powered e-cig and sub ohm tank or RDA (also known as drippers), combined with an e-liquid which contains a large VG content. When these are paired with one another, the vaper is able to exhale a much more voluminous cloud of vapour, which can quite quickly fill up a relatively small room in just a few inhalations on the e-cigarette.

Cloud chasing has become more popular over the last few years as e-cigs have evolved away from the standard ‘pen style’ design, into the larger box-shaped devices we see frequently today.

Does Cloud Chasing Offer Any Benefits?

Some may argue that there is nothing more satisfying that exhaling a huge cloud of vapour, however it is important to note that whilst more vapour may technically mean you could absorb more nicotine, the e-liquid strength used whilst cloud chasing is almost always very low, which would negate any possible chance in getting rid of that nicotine craving more quickly.

In fact, those who vape on lower power with high nicotine are almost certainly gaining greater benefits in the way of faster nicotine delivery with less inhales.

Is Cloud Chasing Necessary?

This is a difficult one, as it would be easy to define many things we enjoy in life as unnecessary, however there are certainly arguments as to why this type of vaping could cause unnecessary irritation to others, particularly non-vapers; a group that the industry is sadly often at pains to convince about the benefits vaping offers to smokers amongst a sea of overblown, sensationalist news articles.

For this group of people, cloud chasing is almost certainly viewed as unnecessary when compared to the more toned down form of vaping they have seen. If you are sat outside for instance in a crowded area, or even walking down the high street, those huge clouds usually end up blowing right into the people behind you, and it is easy to see why this could cause upset and indeed a more negative outlook on vapers/vaping as a result.

For certain vapers, cloud chasing can be seen as necessary because it is the only way in which they have been able to stay away from smoking and enjoy vaping in a way that was not possible on standard devices. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cloud chasing, however it is our duty as vapers to help promote a more positive outlook within our society to help the industry flourish and grow with the public’s full support.

In Conclusion

Cloud chasing does not offer any significant benefits to vapers, other than it being a more satisfying experience, or indeed a hobby for some. Nicotine delivery can be far more efficient using a high strength e-liquid on a lower powered coil, and this is also less intrusive to others whilst out and about.

Cloud chasing is not really necessary, but it also serves to highlight the many different ways in which people enjoy vaping, and as long as it keeps these people away from smoking, it surely can’t be seen as a bad thing.

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