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Is Vaping Legal Indoors?

Is Vaping Legal Indoors?

Can I Vape At Home?

The ‘rules’ on where vaping is actually allowed are incredibly disjointed, perhaps because in the UK there is no official law which bans an electronic cigarette from being used in any particular environment. Instead pubs, clubs, restaurants, offices, airports, hospitals and all other public spaces and/or workplaces are left to decide their own policies; and many have chosen to place e cigs into the same category as traditional tobacco products, banning their use indoors completely.

With no legal guidelines to follow there’s little wonder many people wonder if they are actually breaking a law of some kind if they choose to vape in their own home rather than outside.

So Is Vaping Inside Your Home Illegal?

The short and simple answer is, no, it’s not! But that still doesn’t mean that you will be allowed to do it. Those who rent a property can find themselves in a kind of dead zone – with the risk of being classed as a smoker because, (perhaps), it is easier to use that label than to look into what vaping is actually about, while more often than not answering ‘no ’to the rental application question ‘do you smoke?’ as they don’t consider vaping fitting into that category.

However, this may be less of a concern to a landlord if they understand that e-cigarettes do not emit the substances which cause the staining and lingering odour of tobacco which regular cigarettes do, and are therefore not going to cause harm to the fabric and/or contents of the property.

What Does The Future Hold?

It’s impossible to predict for certain, but the continued legal reluctance to treat e cigarette products equally to traditional tobacco products suggests that perhaps, as an understanding of how vaping works becomes more commonplace, the distinction between electronic and traditional cigarettes may be recognized more officially. Regardless, for now it is definitely okay to vape at home, presuming nobody else who shares that space has any strong objections.