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Signs That Your Child May Have Started Vaping

Signs That Your Child May Have Started Vaping

Have Started Vaping

Signs that your child may have started vaping. Plus, find out more about the vaping habits amongst young people in the uk.

As a parent it can be difficult to know everything your child does. If you are worried about whether your child is vaping this blog may help answer any concerns and provide some helpful information about vaping.

Children Vaping In The UK Remains Low

In the UK the culture around vaping is heavily focused on adults looking to quit smoking along with legislation and conscientious e-cigarette vendors, access the vaping products is made extremely difficult for young people.

A survey carried out by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)[1] indicates vaping among young people in the UK is low with 1.6% of under 18s considering themselves regular vapers. The study also looks at the reason’s kids may vape and shows that social pressures such as ‘vaping being cool’ are not a huge factor. With the majority of kids who vape previously being smokers. Only 0.2% of under 18s who have never smoked use e-cigs.

According to the Chief Executive of ASH Deborah Arnott, smoking among young people in the Britain has dropped since 2010. This suggests the theory that children use vaping as a gateway to smoking isn’t substantial.

These figures are positive considering the concerns in the US over kids vaping. It also shows that this trend has not been adopted by young people in the UK.

What Are The Signs Your Child May Have Started Vaping

Although this should be encouraging there are some signs that may indicate your kid is vaping. Remember that these are not definitive signs and may be caused by other reasons. This information if from Dr. Olorunnisola at Hackensack Meridian Health.

  • When vaping your thirst can increase. They may be drinking more water than normal to combat quench their thirst.
  • There are no studies that point to vaping causing acne. Although, if your child suffers from acne and it has started to get worse this could also be a sign.
  • Nicotine can impact brain chemistry so you may notice a change in mood. This could have nothing to do with vaping and just that they are a typical teenager.
  • A change in sleeping pattern or if your child having difficulty falling asleep can also be caused by this.
  • Vaper’s tongue can affect flavour perception so if your child is adding more spice and salt to their meals it may indicate they are vaping.
  • If your child normally likes a coffee or a soft drink but is avoiding caffeine, this could also be a sign.

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Vape Pods

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Coils are small metal components that absorb e-liquid and turn it into vapour.


18650 batteries are used to power many e-cigarettes, however it is used with plenty of other electronics so this alone is not an indicator.


[1] Action on Smoking and Health. (2019). In Britain young people vape just to give it a try, not because they think it’s “cool.” [online] Available at: https://ash.org.uk/media-and-news/press-releases-media-and-news/in-britain-young-people-vape-just-to-give-it-a-try-not-because-they-think-its-cool/


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