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Vape Crackling and Spitting

Vape Crackling and Spitting

Vape Crackling and Spitting

Spitting or crackling noises are common when vaping.

As a new vaper these noises can be concerning, however it isn’t something to worry about. It is important to understand what sounds are normal when using an e-cig and differentiate them from the noises that could be bad. Here are the causes of vape crackling plus some helpful ways of reducing this.

Why Does My Vape Crackle?

To understand why your vape crackles you need to know the process your e-cigarette goes through when vaping. When inhaling on your device, vape juice is drawn into the coil. It is then the coils job to heat up the e-liquid and turn it into vapour. Like with most liquid when it is heated rapidly it will make a crackling noise as it turns into vapour.

Your Vape Coil

The coil in use can impact the noise from the e-cig. Coils can be made with different materials and have surface areas. For example, mesh coils are designed to heat up more e-liquid at a faster rate, which then results in it making a louder crackling noise when activated. A newer coil will also have a more noticeable sound, but after a couple of days of use it will settle down.

Your E-Liquids

The type of e-liquid will also affect the noise level when vaping. The level of VG and PG in vape juice determines how thick it is. A 50/50 or high PG e-liquid that is thinner will have a noticeable sound. Whereas a thicker vape juice with more VG will not be as loud but will still make a crackling noise.

Your Vape’s Power Output

As the crackling noise a vape kit makes is caused by the e-liquid being heated, naturally the higher the power the louder it will be. Low powered MTL devices will make little noise whereas a powerful mod kit will be louder.

If the noise your vape kit is making sounds more like a gurgling then the output power is too low. Trying to vape with the power too low is what causes excess e-liquid to build up in the coil head, resulting in it spitting hot vape juice. To clear the coil try turning the power up or flicking the device downward to remove the built-up liquid.

Is It Bad If Your Vape Crackles?

No, it is not bad if your vape crackles. The noise should indicate that your kit is working and producing vapour. Once you become used to the noise your e-cig makes you can then identify when it is making an unusual sound. This could then be a sign of the wrong e-liquid being used, the wrong output power or the wrong type of coil resistance.

How to Stop Vape Crackling and Spitting

As previously mentioned, one of the methods of clearing your coil to stop it from spitting is flicking the device. This will remove any vape juice that has built up in the centre of the coil.

Shorter draws will produce less noise as the e-cig will not be vapourising as much e-liquid.

Vaping at a lower wattage will decrease the noise. However, make sure the coil in use can perform at that wattage.

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This was our rundown of what causes vape crackling and spitting. 

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