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What Are The Side Effects Of Vaping?

What Are The Side Effects Of Vaping?

The Side Effects Of Vaping

Here are some of the things you will notice when switching from smoking.

Vaping has rapidly grown in the UK since its inception just over 10 years ago. Back then there was some scepticism towards it but overall it was clear that it was much safer than smoking. Over the years questions have been asked about the long term side effects of vaping. Although not all the science is yet available we would like to clarify what we do know.

Vaping vs Smoking

10 years ago there were roughly half a million vapers in Great Britain. Many of these still continued to smoke. As of this year there are now 3.6 million vapers[1] and rising. Plus, 65% of these no longer smoke.

We get that our opinion will be bias as we are an online vape store. However, we want to ensure we provide the most fair and accurate information to help people quit smoking. So, be sure to check our sources at the bottom of this blog as well as doing your own research. It is also important to note that we would never encourage anyone who doesn’t smoke to start vaping. We see it as a tool to quit smoking. The only exception would for those who vape to stop themselves from smoking. This is because there is no scenario where it is healthier to smoke than vape.

Short Term Side Effects

When switching to vaping people will have concerns about the side effects. It is natural to have these thoughts as you are inhaling something new into your body. Overall these are pretty minor but lets go through the most common.

  • Vaping tends to dry out your mouth. To relieve this just drink more water or have something to sip on while vaping.
  • When you first vape, you probably cough as you get used to it. Try taking longer and slower puffs. Another cause of a persistent cough is you body adjusting to no longer using cigarettes. Find a detailed explanation in this Mayo Clinic post[2].
  • These are much rarer symptoms, but some people experiences headaches and some nausea. The cause of this is from taking in too much nicotine. Stop vaping for 20-40 minutes to allow it to pass. Then switch to a lower nicotine strength.
  • This is a rare one but some people get a sore throat when vaping. This most likely cause of this is the quality of the e-liquid. Remember that you are inhaling this into your lungs so it is crucial to only use liquid from reputable brands.
  • The side effect that is the most important is that you should stop smoking. Once you have adjusted to using an e-cig and found the right nicotine strength and flavour, the need to smoke should pass. A survey[3] carried out by Totally wicked showed that 90% of customers were no longer smoking.

Long Term Side Effects

Vaping has been around for a while now with many using e-cigs for over 10 years. So, signs of any long term side effect should be showing up. The science is still mixed on this. Some still lean towards predicting long term harm, without factual research to support this. However, the data still supports vaping being safer than smoking.

The Effects On Your Lungs

There have been plenty of studies that those against vaping will turn to that use lazy science[4]. Examples of this are the effects of e-liquid on mouse lung cells in a petri dish. They then conclude this is a fair comparison to humans. Whereas the more accurate research has been taking place with human beings for years. This research[5] tells a different story. Among vapers that have never smoked, lung function continues to remain similar to those of non smokers. This remains the case after years of use. Another study[6]  took place with those that suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. The results showed that switching to vaping saw harm reversal similar to other NRTs.

The Effects On Your Heart

Although vaping nicotine increases your heart rate and blood pressure[7], this is true with many other products people consume on a daily basis. Caffeine which is a commonly found in drinks does the same. There was a study[8] which has since been retracted that tried to link vaping with heart attacks. However, they didn’t take into account that in many cases it had happened before they started vaping. There are many bad examples[9] that try to link e-cigs with heart related illness. Many of which come from the same select few authors. These don’t take into account that these are former smokers. The long term effects of smoking will stick around for a while after quitting.

Fortunately, there is some more in depth science[10] available. This looks at both ex smokers and those who have never smoked. The results tell a different story to the previous study. So, it is clear more research is needed to give an accurate picture.

The Effects On Your Teeth

There isn’t much research about the effects of vaping on teeth and gums. However, from conjecture[11] and informal reviews[7] it seems to not be an issue with vapers. There actually seems to be positive effects due to the reduction on smoking.

Don’t panic if you notice your gums bleeding after quitting. Many of the chemicals in cigarettes are know to reduce blood flow in the gums. As a result bleeding gums can occur from them coming ‘back to life’.


To conclude it is clear that smoking is very bad for you. It seriously harmful disease and side effects that are life altering. If you’re a lifetime smoker the odds of dying from smoking related disease ARE 50/50. This isn’t as important but still a big factor is the cost of smoking is much more than vaping. People who live from pay check to pay check will see a financial burden lifted when switching to vaping. Plus, other issues will start to clear up like smelly clothes, yellow teeth and ageing skin.

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