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What Is Vapers Tongue?

What Is Vapers Tongue?

Vapers Tongue

What is vapers tongue? And how to fix it? Find out what causes vapers tongue and how to avoid it.

Astrange, universally accept vaping phenomenon, vapers tongue. Yes it’s really a thing and if you are here the chances are you are experiencing it.

You have your favourite vape juice, the flavour that you love, you never get bored of and can quite happily vape 24/7, 365. Then one day you wake up, have a vape and you can’t taste it anymore. Ok, odd. So, you change your vape coil, clean your tank out, try again, nothing, no flavour at all.

By this point you have probably blamed your mod, tank, the e-liquid itself. But it’s actually vapers tongue.

This none taste sensation can last for a day or two, or weeks and is as frustrating as it sounds.

What Causes Vapers Tongue?

Now we know what it is, what actually causes this strange response?

We have thousands of taste buds, up to 8000 to be exact and these regenerate every 10 days or so. These live on your tongue and require certain conditions to work properly. One of these conditions is a good amount of saliva.

When you experience vapers tongue, what you are experiencing is almost like tongue fatigue. The vapour you inhale can give you a dry mouth, especially if you are relatively new to vaping. This means that you aren’t producing as much saliva and your taste buds will not be happy, so they can’t taste as much.

There is a chance it might not be this, it might just be flavour fatigue. You are literally used to the flavour as you vape it all day. One of the key factors in taste is smell. As there is no texture to vapour, you taste it through your taste buds and sense of smell alone.

It’s common knowledge that the longer you are exposed to a certain smell, the less you can sense it. Think of an air freshener you might have in your car, after a day or so you can’t smell it anymore. But anyone new getting in your car might comment how nice it smells. That is the same thing.

How To Fix Vapers Tongue

Now we know what vapers tongue is and what might be causing it. We can start to look at ways to alleviate it.

Let’s be straight here, there is no magic cure. One of these tips might work for you, a combo might be the option, or none of them might do anything. So prepare for some trial and error to get the flavour of your favourite juice back.

Drink Water

A simple but effective tip that can help to alleviate the dreaded vapers tongue. As we said before, we need to avoid a dry mouth to taste properly. Try upping your water intake to see if this helps.

Stop Smoking

If you are a dual user, someone who smokes and vapes, try stopping the cigs. Smoking kills your sense of taste. If you have recently stopped smoking then this could be a reason for your vapers tongue, your taste buds will still be regenerating and getting back to normal, in the case of a recent quitter, give it some time.

Vape A Menthol

You might not like menthol e-liquids usually, but they might be the cure you are looking for. Unlike other flavours, menthol isn’t exactly tasted. It is more of a feeling, cool. It doesn’t rely on your sense of taste and smell as much. Use a good strong menthol juice as a palate cleaner of sorts. Vape that for a day or two and try your juice again, you might be surprised.

Vape Less Often

If you chain vape, try lengthening the time between each vape. If you are sat chugging on a flavour all day, you will become used to that flavour much quicker.

Coffee Grounds

This is an odd one, but is an old trick used by wine tasters. As their sense of taste and smell gets fatigued as they are tasting different wines, they will smell coffee grounds. They are meant to act as a reset to your olfactory sense.

Vape A New Flavour

You have tried everything and nothing works. Then it’s time for a new flavour. This doesn’t need to be forever, but a decent enough time that your smell and taste have kind of forgotten your favourite flavour.

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