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What Makes A Good Vape Kit

What Makes A Good Vape Kit

Vape Kit

What makes a good vape kit?

Here is what to consider when picking a new vape kit.

Vaping advice: If you’re new to vaping, you may be wondering how to spot a good vape kit. In this blog we will offer an overview of the things you should consider when picking a new device. Plus, whether it suits your style of vaping.

Simple Tank

Tanks can vary depending on the type of kit. A standard tank will connect to the battery mod through a 510 thread. This allows it to be used with different mods. Filling or swapping the coil usually involves dismantling parts of the tank which some find tricky, especially new vapers.

As the name suggests a pod kit will use a pod rather than a traditional tank. This is fairly basic and will either have a built in coil or a hole on the base the fit one. Plus, they are usually only compatible with the done device. However, they are much simpler to use.

Top Fill

One of the features you should look out for when picking a tank is if it has a top fill system. Although it only features on a select few devices, it is growing in popularity. The reason for this is because it allows for e-liquid refills without removing it from the device.

Push Fit Coils

Push fit coils are also something to go for. Although almost every device now uses them so won’t be hard to find. These are the easiest to fit by simply pushing the coil into place.


It is important to be able to see the inside of the tank as clearly as possible. Large windows allow you to monitor how much liquid is left. This is important because if you run out but continue to vape it will burn the coil. Also, don’t pick a tank that is slightly tinted as it makes it more difficult to see the liquid level.


This depends on the type of vaper you are and how often you use your device. For cloud chasers a bigger battery is a must. Something larger than 2000mAh will do. Although, the best kits for sub ohm vaping use external 18650 batteries. These are great as they allow for high powered vaping. Once the battery is drained, just swap it out for a fresh one to get straight back to vaping. The only draw back to this is that they are much larger kits. This means they aren’t as portable as other devices available.

Mouth to lung vapers don’t need as much power, Even with batteries as small at 850mAh they can still last a full day. However to ensure even heavy users get a full day of use it is best to go for something with at least a 1000mAh battery.

Fast Charging

USB-C fast charging is another feature that is becoming more common in both mods and pen style kits. This allows for the device to be charged up much quicker than those using micro USB.


It is important to find a device to suit your lifestyle. Although most devices are built to handle the occasional fall there are some who needs something more sturdy. Vape uses its own tri proof technology to make their devices handle the elements with ease. This technology provides water, dust and shock resistance.

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