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Where Can I Vape At Silverstone?

Where Can I Vape At Silverstone

Where Can I Vape At Silverstone?

Silverstone motor racing circuit, the original home to the British Grand Prix in 1948, and the permanent home since 1987, straddles the borders of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, taking its name from the Northamptonshire village of Silverstone.

While this is a premier venue for motor racing fans who can expect a warm welcome, here we consider whether vaping enthusiasts can expect the same kind of experience should they wish to vape at Silverstone race track.

The effects of the smoking ban

Since England adopted new laws which banned smoking in enclosed public spaces on 1st July 2007 pubs, clubs, and (the inside space of) restaurants, bars and cafes, instantly became 100% no-smoking zones – although many made provision outside their premises to accommodate tobacco users. Since then plenty of other public spaces have followed suit, major football club grounds being the notable example in the sporting world.

E-cigs and the concept of vaping 

Shortly after the UK’s smoking ban, e-cigarettes began to appear in mainstream culture, grasping the public’s attention and rapidly gaining fans. As vaping devices didn’t fall under the new smoking laws it was left to individual policy makers to decide how to regulate their use. In many cases this simply meant applying the same tobacco-related rules, and today that is still the way things are in the majority of cases.

Vaping at Silverstone race track

Silverstone’s official policy encompasses both traditional and vaping materials. Therefore, in line with the smoking legislation in place, e-cigs are not allowed to be used at all in enclosed spaces, and with care in open spaces.

This means that there is:

No vaping in any of the grandstands, paddocks, pit lane, any of the buildings and not in marquees if there are any up. Vaping is allowed behind the grandstands and also in the walking areas. People do choose to vape in open areas, however if there is a large crowd the event staff do ask that this is done away from large groups.

So those who use e-cigarettes and wish to visit Silverstone can be assured that they can indeed vape at the race track, albeit in a limited number of places. We recommend that you always check the rules beforehand to make sure there is no confusion.

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