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Why Are There So Many E-cigs?

Why Are There So Many E-cigs

E-cigs, E-cigs, Everywhere!

Why are there so many e-cigs? We try to answer this question.

Variety is the spice of life! Or that’s what I like to believe. When you are having a little look online, you may have noticed the sheer amount of e-cigs that are available and wonder just why there are so many?

From the early days of vaping when the closest thing to variety was usually whether to choose a menthol or tobacco pre filled cartridge, to the present day where e-cigs can now talk to you (yes this is a thing).

I’ve always found that the wonderful thing about vaping is that each person is unique, we all wouldn’t want to drive around in the same car as everyone else, so why would you want your e-cig to be the same? Couple that with the fact that there are so many different ways to vape, then you begin to understand just why the offering is so diverse.

Usually vapers can fit into one, or more of the below four categories which can be found below, along with explanations for each:

Pen Style Vapers

When you want to no frills e-cig that does exactly what it says on the tin, then you might just find yourself in this category. Vapers who prefer pen style e-cigs often just want an easy to use product without having to mess about with settings or complicated tanks that slide, flip, or twist just to refill! They are the foundation upon which e-cigarettes were built, and they remain just as effective today as they were back then.

There is something almost pure about vaping on what is now sometimes considered to be a more primitive form of e-cigarette. By just pressing a single button, you can enjoy that sensation of smoking, safe in the knowledge that you will not be inhaling any harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, indeed I myself began on the humble pen style, and it is easy to see why they are still popular to this day.

Sub Ohm Vapers

The progression from pen style to sub ohm for some is a natural one. You have been enjoying the simplicity and freedom from smoking offered by pen style e-cigs, but you feel like you want to take that next step in your vaping journey.

Sub ohm vapers often suffer from a condition known as ‘shinyitus’ which is the uncontrollable urge to purchase the latest and greatest from their favourite manufacturers, a condition I myself have developed!

Being able to tinker with the power output settings and exhaling clouds of vapour got me hooked on sub ohm vaping, it offers vapers more variety and these type of e-cigarettes are largely responsible for the sea of products you may see on offer today. If you use sub ohm e-cigs then you are probably sat reading this with your favourite mod in one hand and about three on your desk or table!

The sheer volume of sub ohm e-cigarettes available is staggering and is only growing larger by the month.

Mech Mod Vapers

What exactly is a mech mod? And why do I keep seeing videos online of people exhaling huge plumes of vapour while using them? Well mech mods are both the most simple and complex e-cigarettes you would be likely to use. 

They are usually a simple ‘tube’ which houses a battery…And that’s it! While it may seem like a simple and easy to use product, you need to have suitable knowledge of battery safety and ohm’s law before attempting to use one. 

Generally vapers who use mech mods will want to create big vapour clouds and get the most flavour possible from their e-liquid. Usually an RDA will be fitted (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) which can produce large amounts of vapour when given direct contact with a battery. Despite their simple appearance, mech mods are amongst the most advanced vaping products, as they require experienced vapers and good knowledge of coil resistance, due to there being little or no built in protection between the battery and the fitted tank. They are known as an ‘unregulated mod’ which means that there are no microchips to regulate battery output.


Perhaps the ‘newest’ form of vaping to have emerged in the last few years is the squonker. Putting the interesting name aside, these e-cig kits mean business, and are now used by many vapers as a way to get the same performance as a mech mod, without having to constantly drip e-liquid into their RDA. A bottle containing e-liquid is situated underneath the tank and is housed within the squonker. By squeezing the bottle you can feed your RDA with e-liquid without having to take a separate bottle out with you.

Squonkers come in both unregulated or regulated varieties, not to mention all shapes and sizes, and vapers who use this type of e-cig kit usually love to create large clouds of vapour, get great taste from their e-liquid and like the convenience of being able to refill on the go without having to mess with bottles of liquid.

So why are there so many e-cigs? Well if the above is anything to go by, there are clearly lots of different vapers out there, each with their own style and personal preference. As you begin progressing through the many different categories you can see why variety is not only needed, but enriches vaping as a whole.

Without variety we would all be vaping the same e-cigs, driving the same cars and living in the same houses, and to be honest, where’s the fun in that?

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