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Why Do E-Liquids Clog Up Your Coil?

Why Do E-Liquids Clog Up Your Coil?

Do E-Liquids Clog Up Your Coil?

We all hate it when this happens, you’re enjoying an awesome flavour, clouds everywhere then suddenly, your coil packs up with no obvious reason as to its demise.

Why does it occur? Is there anything you can do to stop it? The answer is absolutely yes you can.

Reasons why a coil can clog up…

With certain types and flavours of e-liquid, over time, a residue can build up on the wicking material and wire inside your coil, which can cause the draw to become tighter and a drop in overall performance. You may not necessarily get a burnt taste, it just won’t work like it should do, or even stop working altogether.

E-liquids with stronger flavours usually tend to be darker in colour and are the biggest culprit, they contain flavour compounds that, while enhancing that much sought after flavour, cannot be vapourised completely. We call these ‘coil killers’ and always ensure to have a stash of spares handy!

Another aspect linked to the dreaded clogged coil is the size of the wicking holes on the coil body, if they are quite small there is a higher risk of the above-mentioned compounds obstructing the holes, and reducing the flow of e-liquid around the coil. This can become especially irksome if you favour thicker, VG heavy fluids.

So what can you do to stop this from happening?

The answer is simple, try an e-liquid with a higher AG content, these have a much thinner consistency but still offer plumes of vapour with the right ratio mix. You’ll be glad to hear that all the e-liquid ranges available from The Electronic Cigarette Company will work really well in a variety of coils.

Also, many sub-ohm coils are manufactured with larger wicking holes, allowing for less restricted fluid flow in and around the coil and wicking material. So there you have it, clogged coils are more of a feature than a flaw of cloud chasing, but there’s always a solution to keep you vaping happily.

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