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Why is my vape tank leaking?

Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking?

Vape Tank Leaking

Is your vape tank leaking? Don’t worry, you aren’t the first and definitely won’t be the last to suffer from this. It might be the cause of frustration, but the good news is that it is usually an easy issue to sort.

It’s not unusual to have a little bit of leakage from time to time. But if you find that there is a lot of liquid being lost, then you should have a look at our handy tips below to get back up and running again.

Keep Your Vape Tank Tight

An obvious one, but more common than you think. If you spot liquid coming out the tank, just check for gaps. Is the base of the tank tightened? Or has the top cap been left loose? All of these can make a vape tank leak. A quick check each time you change a coil or refill is always worth it.

But make sure you do not overdo it! If you tighten it up too much then you are going to have a hard time taking it apart again. It can also cause cross threading, which means the tank could end up leaking again anyway. Always check the base and top threads are lined up before nipping them tight.

Another one to check is the coil. If it is push fit, are the seals firmly in place? For screw fit, has it been tightened enough? This is an easy one to make a mistake with, but can cause severe leaking if you are not careful.

Do Not Overfill Your Tank

You may not think so, but one of the most common causes of leaks is down to filling. When you refill your tank, it is best to leave a small gap/air bubble. This will cause a vacuum, preventing liquid from coming out. Do not overfill your tank as this can cause liquid to seep out through the coil and tank base.

Top fill tanks should be filled like you are pouring a drink, with the liquid going in at a side angle. Also be sure to avoid the central tube. If it goes down the middle then it will leak right back out. Bottom fill tanks are best filled in the same way, straightening it up near the end and leaving space for the air bubble.

Check Your Coil And Liquid

Your vape tank will have a coil inside. This can be in lots of different resistance types. But did you know that some vape coils work better with different e liquids? It’s easy to find out what works best by checking the coil ohms.

Low resistance coils (below 1.0ohm) give lots of vapour, need more power and have an airy draw. They also have larger wicking areas to absorb more liquid to keep up with the demand. You should use an e liquid with a higher VG mix with sub ohm coils. These are thicker than high PG liquid, and less likely to flood. This is down to the large wicking area that can be easily flooded using high PG liquid.

High resistance coils (above 1.0ohm) give less vapour, use less power and have a tighter draw. The wicking areas are also smaller, so it’s best to use e liquid with more PG. If you use high VG then you will need to take a heavy draw to pull the liquid through the coil. This can cause liquid to leak right back out the base or through the top.

In short, remember to use higher VG liquid in coils below 1.0ohm, and higher PG e liquid if the coil is above 1.0ohm. This should help to stop any leaks coming from the coil.

Always Inhale On Your Vape Tank Correctly

This sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. This mostly affects new vapers, but existing ones can also make this mistake. If you do not inhale on your vape tank in the right way, it can be a main source of leakage.

Avoid taking short, heavy draws on your tank. This may seem like a natural thing to do from when you used to smoke, but it isn’t good for vaping.

It takes more time for the coil to make vapour, so adjust your inhale accordingly. It is ideal to take a longer more gentle draw while the coil heats up the e liquid. This will keep the risk of forcing un-vaped liquid through the coil, and leaking back out the tank quite low.

Does The Coil Need Replacing?

An old coil can degrade, leading to leaks. This is because it can’t vapourise the liquid properly. You may also get a burnt taste along with leakage. If you find that e liquid is leaking from the coil in your vape tank, then you should get it changed.

Coils can last up to 2 weeks before they need a change. It depends on use, but you may find your coil leaking the closer it gets to needing a change. This is another common cause of vape tank leakage.

Check Battery Power Settings

The coil inside your tank will also have an ideal power range to use. If you don’t set this correctly then it can cause leaks. You can find the best power to use printed on the coil. Always aim for the middle setting, so if it’s 50-60W set to 55W.

If the power is set too low, then the coil can’t vape the liquid. This means it will be pulled in to the coil and come right out the base. This is crucial to check and get right to avoid problems.

Vape Tank Damage

If your tank was dropped or took a tumble, it might be damaged. The glass can crack, causing liquid to escape. If you get a leak but can’t find it, check the glass for any small cracks.

Also be sure to look at the o-rings on the tank base. Over time these can get worn and do not seal as they should. If this happens, use some spares (you usually get them inside the original box) and the issue should be fixed.

Keep The Tank Upright

An easy one to do, but often overlooked. E cigs should be stood up and you might want to do that when you can. If you lie the tank down, it can leak out the top or bottom depending on what type of tank you have.

In short, keep your vape tank upright whenever possible to help stop leaking.

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