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Can You Vape In The Cinema?


Can I vape at the cinema?

Most people are aware of (and resigned to) the way using any kind of vape device is so often treated the same way as regular cigarettes – which is basically banned from most enclosed public spaces such as shopping centres, airports, restaurants and bars, as well as some company workplaces and most forms of public transport.

Keep in mind though that the rules imposed on the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are not, (unlike regular tobacco products), based on the law; instead vaping policies are generated and enforced by the individual business owner, or the management of corporations responsible for chain companies.

This means that when it comes to using electronic cigarettes nothing can be taken for granted, so the question asked here is: can you actually vape in a cinema? After all, considering that with the pre-film ads and trailers to sit through you can easily be rooted to the spot for 2-3 hours minimum on every visit there are plenty of vapers who would enjoy the chance to use their device, either discreetly or openly.

The blanket ban

Unsurprisingly, according to the big names in the UK cinema scene, (Odeon, Showcase, Vue, etc) the official company policy on this subject states that vaping is a definite no go, whether or not there are signs to that effect displayed, or that such a policy actually even exists in writing anywhere. In practice, however, there may be a more flexible approach in place, especially in smaller, private or independent cinemas, where it’s definitely worth asking management for permission.

Why is vaping at the cinema even a problem?

In general it’s good business practice to listen and respond to what your customers have to say. As previous big chain customers have complained about things such as the vapour from the e-cig spoiling their view of the screen, being bothered by the scent of the e-juice, or expressing concern that it seemed like a regular cigarette was being smoked it s easier to ban the use of all vaping devices completely.

In a sentence: you are unlikely to find a cinema boasting an official ‘vaping welcome here’ policy, but there may be some vaping – friendly spaces at smaller, independent cinemas.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.